DRCLAS Summer Internship Program (SIP)

Summer Internship Program 2018

Brazil, Latin America’s largest country, offers a range of exciting and rewarding opportunities for Harvard students during the summer of 2019. Join the more than 1,000 Harvard students who have engaged in internships, research and other learning experiences in the country since 2006.

Harvard undergraduate and graduate students interested in structured internships with leading Brazilian startups, NGOs, institutes, and enterprises are encouraged to apply to our Summer Internship Program. This eight-week program takes advantage of our strong network of relationships, local presence and years of on-the-ground experience.

Basic Portuguese language skills are highly recommended, though not necessary to participate. If you have any questions or are interested in interning at a specific organization, city, or sector not listed below, please contact Tiago Genoveze, Program Coordinator at tiago_genoveze@harvard.edu.

2019 Dates

Application Deadline: Monday, February 11, 2019 at 11:59PM
Interviews: February 18 – 22, 2019 
Program Dates: June 2 - July 27, 2019
Orientation in São Paulo: June 3 - 5, 2019

To Apply


Applications are open until Monday, February 11, 2019 at 11:59PM.

Interview Process

Interviews will be held February 18 - 22, 2019 at the DRCLAS Cambridge office in the Center for Government and International Studies (CGIS) at 1730 Cambridge St., 2nd floor. Interviews will last ~20 minutes, and will be conducted in the language of the program you are applying to (Spanish or Portuguese) unless noted otherwise. If you are applying to multiple SIP programs, you may be interviewed by more than one member of the DRCLAS staff at the same time. Please note that if you applied to multiple programs, you must sign up for a slot for all the programs you applied, as per the instructions below.

Program Features

  • Careful screening and matching of host organizations and families throughout Brazil 
  • Bi-weekly excursions and site visits to explore Brazilian culture 
  • 3-day group trip to a different region of the country 
  • Opportunity to speak Portuguese in work and home settings, though the program is also open to non-Portuguese speakers
  • Financial aid is available from DRCLAS and program partners
  • 8-week internships in fields such as:
    • Education & early childhood development
    • Environment
    • Health and medicine
    • Innovation and entrepreneurship
    • International relations
    • Journalism
    • Filmmaking
    • Public policy
    • Social engagement
    • Urban planning
    • Information Technology
    • Security
    • Justice
    • Human Rights
    • Engineering


DRCLAS Program Fee: $ 3,000 (including Brazil Office support, lodging, some meals, connection to network of host families and host organizations, orientation, outings in São Paulo, and group trip to another state)

Personal Costs: Students should budget between $1,300 - $1,900 (approximately) for their visa costs, yellow fever vaccine, round-trip airfare to and from São Paulo, local transportation, meals, independent travel, and other activities done outside the program.

If you are seeking financial support for your international activities, please investigate Harvard Funding Sources database. Students interested in and eligible for funding from the Office of Career Services (OCS) may indicate this on the DRCLAS Summer Programs Application Supplement Form, and do not need to apply separately for OCS funding. 

In addition, for students with very high financial need, DRCLAS may be able to subsidize the costs of the DRCLAS program on a case by case basis. 


All SIP Brazil participants are matched with compatible host families in order to enhance students´ cultural and lingustic experiences. At the host family home or apartment, students will typically have their own bedroom, breakfast, two dinners per week, and basic ammenities, such as laundry and wifi. Participating host families usually have experience hosting international students and live in centrally located areas. Once students have confirmed participation in the program, they will be required to complete a questionnaire for matching purposes.


  • Actively participate in all program activities, including:
    • pre-departure meeting
    • program orientation 
    • virtual events
    • check-ins and outings
  • Have interest in learning about Brazil through cultural exchange and direct interaction with Brazilians
  • Agree and commit to program standards and guidelines 
  • Be responsible, committed, motivated and reliable

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently on a Leave of Absence and are NOT studying abroad for transfer credit, you are not eligible to participate in a DRCLAS Summer Program or receive funding from DRCLAS.
    All students must be in good academic standing at time of participation in a DRCLAS program.
    Though Portuguese language skills are not required, basic Portuguese is highly recommended. Brazil is a monolingual country and most people do not understand or speak Spanish or English. 

Travel Visa

Students selected to the Summer Internship Program in Brazil must be prepared to apply for a visa immediately after being selected (depending on passport country of issue). US, Canadian, Japanese, and Australian nationals may apply for a simplified E-Visa, which is 100% online. If you do not have any of the above nationalities, you must apply for the Visitor Visa, which requires a bit more work and documentation, including delivering documents to the Brazilian Consulate in Boston. Students must also have a passport with an expiration date after December 2019. If you do not have a passport, you must apply for one immediately upon being selected. All costs for passport and visa applications are the responsibility of the student.


Please contact tiago_genoveze@harvard.edu

2019 Internship Opportunities:

Click the arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the map to view host organizations by state.

Ashoka Brasil // Social Entrepreneurship & Early Childhood

Ashoka Brasil

Field: Human Rights , Education, Early Childhood , Technology, Health, Journalism, Environment, Social Entrepreneurship, Public Policies and Social Activism
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Fluent Portuguese preferred.
Preferred Student Field of Study: Communication, Social Sciences, International Relations, Administration

Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. Together, we collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide so they support changemaking for the good of society. We do so by recognizing and supporting social entrepreneurs.

Associação Centro de Estudos de Liderança Pública // Public Policies

Associação Centro de Estudos de Liderança Pública

Field: Education, Government, Public Policies, Social Activism
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary, advanced or fluent Portuguese preferred.

CLP is a nonprofit dedicated to the improvement of public leadership and advocacy for strategic issues in Brazil. By preparing and empowering public leaders to promote change of behavior and to implement effective and ethical public policies, CLP aims to contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions and the demise of populism in Brazil. We want to build the next generation of transformational leaders in Brazil by supporting the efforts of the Centro de Liderança Publica, a Brazilian social organization that has trained over 5,000 public leaders in the past eight years.

Internship Description:


The Advocacy area aims to help leaders who work in the public sphere to prioritize and address important issues in the country, and to develop independent research around strategic themes to influence public policy. The area works with innovative strategies to engage public leaders effectively and to advocate for the improvement of Competitiveness, review of the social security legislation and review of political legislation in Brazil. Among the main initiatives of the department are:

  1. The Ranking of Competitiveness of the States made with Economist Intelligence Unit and Tendências Consulting (rankingdecompetitividade.org.br);
  2. Review of the social security legislation does advocacy for improvement of the social security legislation with deputies and other politicians.
  3. Review of political legislation does advocacy for improvement of the political legislation with deputies and other politicians. In order to help us strengthen our Mobilization strategy and tackle the challenges to consolidate and expand our programs, we expect the summer intern to:

    - Be responsible for the organization of Ranking of Competitiveness Summit in B3 which will count with the presence of Brazilian Governors, Secretaries of State and Brazilian press in September 2018;

    - Produce recommendations for the discussions of Ranking of Competitiveness International Experts Committee, formed by Economist Intelligence Unit and Brazilian specialists;

    - Help to build a research project regarding Competitiveness in Brazil which will be implemented by the organization in 2018;

    - Support the mobilization of Brazilian governments to send proposals of public impact policies to compete for the Excellence in Competitiveness Award.

Awin - Veiculação de Publicidade na Internet Ltda // Marketing

Awin - Veiculação de Publicidade na Internet Ltda

Field: Marketing
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary.
Preferred Student Field of Study: Marketing, Business Administration, Advertising.

From 17 locations across the world, we blend global reach with local expertise. Awin is the new name for the Affiliate Window and zanox networks which have been growing businesses online since 2000. We are committed to creating the most diverse, connected and effective affiliate network. Our experienced team builds powerful technology, uncovers new insights and invests in service to deliver the best results for clients big and small.

Keywords: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Advertising.

CEPESP/FGV // Urban Planning, Government & Public Policies


Field: Urban Planning, Government and Public Policies
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese Necessary

The Center of Politics and Economics of the Public Sector, CEPESP, was created in 2006. As an interdisciplinary center, CEPESP is the first center to gather professors, students, and researchers from both the Business and the Economics Schools at FGV. The main objective of CEPESP, as well as of FGV as a whole, is to contribute the development of Brazil by the knowledge generated by its researches. The main research question is the role performed by politics and economics on public policies. In other words, the researches aim at appraising the influence exerted by institutions (in an wide sense) on public policies’ decision-making. More specifically, the work carried out by CEPESP is structured along three main research lines: Political Institutions, Public Finance and Regional and Urban Economics.

Keywords: Economics, politics, public policy, urban planning, public finance

Centro de Estudos em Sustentabilidade - Fundação Getúlio Vargas // Education

Centro de Estudos em Sustentabilidade - Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Field: Education, Environment, Government, Public Policies, Research, Business
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Basic Portuguese preferred
Preferred Student Field of Study: Electrical or Computer Engineering

The Center for Sustainability Studies (FGVces) of the Business Administration School of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV EAESP) bases its activities in formulating and following-up public policies, building tools for self-regulation and the development of strategies for business management towards sustainability, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. This action takes place through: i) formal and informal education; ii) applied research and publications; iii) workshops, debates, mobilizations and public engagement; and iv) communication and exchange of experiences and information that can disseminate concepts and practices around sustainability in all its dimensions.

Internship Description:

This internship allows the student to:

i) Integrate a team of researchers who are currently working with climate policies, carbon pricing instruments in Brazil, and communication strategies within the public policy process. ii) Take part in meetings and working groups, with different stakeholders, discussing pre-compliance strategies and public policy design for climate change in Brazil. iii) Support the drafting of papers, reports policy and communication briefs about all stages of policy-making for climate change in a developing country.

Current projects and partners: Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) Brazil from with the World Bank and Brazil’s Ministry of Finance; Simulation of an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) with 30 of Brazil’s largest companies; Communication strategies and the public policy process (FGV Research)

Keywords: Sustainable development; climate change; environmental policies; environmental economics; applied research.

Centro de Inovação para a Educação Brasileira // Education

Centro de Inovação para a Educação Brasileira - CIEB

Field: Education, Technology, Public Policies and Research
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred

The Innovation Center for Brazilian Education (CIEB) is a non-profit association created to foster a systemic transformation, through innovation and technology, that promotes greater equity, quality and contemporaneity in Brazilian public education.

Keywords: Public Education; Innovation; Public Policies.

Cidadão Pró-Mundo // Education

Cidadão Pró-Mundo


Field: Education
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary.

Cidadão Pró-Mundo is a non-profit organization that promotes, for more than 20 years now, equal opportunities and social integration through voluntary English Teaching. Currently, more than 1,200 volunteers impact the lives of more than 2,400 low-income students in 14 communities in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With a highly organized administrative, operational and governance structure, CPM is considered the biggest and most efficient English teaching NGO in Brazil.

Intership Description:

The intern will be working directly with a small management team, being able to understand how an organized non-profit organization runs its operation, seeking efficiency and high impact. He/She will be in contact with many of the +1,200 volunteers and +2,400 students, dozens of partner institutions and the variety of English Learning projects we have. It’s probable that he/she will have to focus on one of these projects due to the short duration of the internship. He/She will be encouraged not only to engage in and support current activities, but also to bring in ideas and insights to improve the operation (whether on management areas or more specifically on teaching or English language teaching). As we work with English language as a tool to reduce social inequalities, it would be a great opportunity for interns that don’t necessarily speak Portuguese, but want to get to know Brazil’s social complexities and people that are acting towards its improvemen

Keywords: Social impact, education, English Teaching, English classes, vulnerable communities, opportunities, youth, children, social assistance, social integration, inequality, job market, employment, social management, fundraising, events, volunteering, nonprofit, social strategy, marketing, communication, finance, certificates.

Cloudia // Technology & Health



Field: Technology, Health
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary
Preferred Student Field of Study: Computer Science (and other IT-related courses), Business Administration, Marketing, Design.

From 17 locations across the world, we blend global reach with local expertise. Awin is the new name for the Affiliate Window and zanox networks which have been growing businesses online since 2000. We are committed to creating the most diverse, connected and effective affiliate network. Our experienced team builds powerful technology, uncovers new insights and invests in service to deliver the best results for clients big and small.

Internship Description:

Depending on the student's knowledge and wishes, the summer internship may encompass activities such as:

-> Software development using Python, Node.js and JavaScript programming languages.

-> Structure, plan and execute an outbound sales strategy, including structuring and recruiting people for the sales team and designing outbound sales processes.

-> Help build a dashboard to track growth, structure the growth team and implement new growth strategies, tactics, and techniques.

Keywords: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Advertising.

Conectas Direitos Humanos // Human Rights

Conectas Direitos Humanos

Field: Human Rights
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary, Advanced or Fluent Portuguese preferred

For more than 15 years, Conectas has existed to protect, realize and enhance human rights. We are more than just a non-governmental organization; we are part of an active global movement that is leading the struggle for equality of rights. Conectas works permanently to present a Global South perspective to enhance human rights. Throughout the year of 2016, Conectas went through a Strategic Planning process, at the end of which it decided to focus on three themes: 1) Institutional Violence, 2) Strengthening Democratic Space and 3) Accountability of Business Enterprises for Human Rights and Environmental Violations, including the impact of international arms transfers on human rights. For each of the themes, priority action areas were chosen. It has also been decided that teams working on each of these topics will be multidisciplinary, with a combination of litigation, international action, mobilization and communication strategies. These priorities were chosen by Conectas’ team and approved by the organization's Board of Trustees in the second half of 2016. Conectas has consultative status with the ECOSOC-UN since 2006, and observer status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights since 2009.

Keywords: Human Rights; Institutional Violence; International mechanisms; Global South; Business; Human Rights.

Eduinsvest // Education


Field: Education
Location: Rua Michigan 962, São Paulo, Brazil
Portuguese Level: Basic Portuguese preferred

Eduinvest is a brazilian holding company that manages two K-12 schools in São Paulo. Our goal is to be a national provider for K-12 education focused on the middle low income Brazilian families. Our model is for a different and innovative education whose pillars are 21st Century skills, Entrepreneurship, Technology and skills for the Job Market.

Keywords: Education, K12, Emerging low income families, Low Cost, Affordable, Quality Education, Innovative, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Maker Movement

EduSim // Education, Technology, Social Entrepreneurship & Business



Field: Education, Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, Business
Location: São Paulo and Minas Gerais - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary.

EduSim is an EdTech startup from NYC/Brazil, running a WhatsApp chatbot platform for English learning. Our mission is to bring student exchange experiences to students in Brazil, even in remote and disadvantaged areas, using the latest technologies. Our team is international with experts in education and technology from Google, Harvard, Columbia, etc. We are partnering with education ministries, textbook publishers and the US Embassy/State Department. We are being accelerated by Facebook’s social impact accelerator in Sao Paulo and we received funding from leading Brazilian VCs and Harvard alumni.

Internship Description:

- product design

- technology development

- educational program development

- tutoring and teacher training

Keywords: EdTech, Educational Technology, Social Impact, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots

EIPP - Escola de Inovação e Políticas Públicas // Public Policies

EIPP - Escola de Inovação e Políticas Públicas (Fundaj/MEC)

Field: Human Rights, Education, Government, Public Policies, Social Activism, Citizen Security and Local Economic Development
Location: Recife - Northeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred
Preferred Student Field of Study: Public Policy, Education

The School of Innovation and Public Policy (Escola de Inovação e Políticas Públicas - EIPP), attached to the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC), was created in September 2017 in Recife-Pernambuco to develop people and ideas that will foster social impact to overcome public challenges. We are a problem-driven organization, that provides technical assistance and capacity building opportunities to local governments. By training the frontline, we hope to trigger innovation and institutional capacity, catalyzing a bottom up approach to policy, in which problems are locally defined and addressed. In 2017, most of EIPP’s activities were related with public education; in 2018, its scope will also include local economic development and citizen security.

Keywords: Education; public policy; security; development; governance

Emcasa // Technology & Business


Field: Technology and Business
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred.

Emcasa is a tech company that operates in the Real Estate space in Brazil as a residential broker. We use technology, data analytics and design to provide buyers and sellers a superior customer experience & to provide agents a platform that increases their efficiency by 12x.

Internship Description:

Interns will work on 8-week projects, which will consist of approving the project scope (1st week), diving into the problems to be solved (2nd and 3rd weeks), benchmarking and analyzing in depth potential solutions (4th and 5th weeks), designing a plan (6th week) and starting implementation (7th and 8th weeks).

Examples of potential projects:

  • Data analytics on residential real estate valuation
  • Redefining real estate agents' compensation
  • Growth plan / launching new cities
  • Product roadmap
  • New projects

It's important to note that the intern will work together with Founders & C-level team, so the person needs to have proactivity and initiative to navigate in less structured environments (after all, we're an emerging market tech startup!). Communication might be a challenge.

Keywords: Tech, Startup, Data, Real Estate, Brazil, Latam.

Escola de Relações Internacionais - Fundação Getulio Vargas // Public Policies

Escola de Relações Internacionais - Fundação Getulio Vargas

Field: Education, Public Policies , Research, International Relations
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary.

Fundação Getulio Vargas was founded in 1944 to train qualified personnel for the administration of the country’s public and private sectors. The Foundation also has a long tradition of research and public service in the area of international affairs in Brazil. The School of International Relations seeks to develop and promote research and teaching in the fields of International Relations, International Public Policy and Contemporary Global History, it offers an undergraduate degree in IR, executive degrees, and its professors are leading experts promoting the public debate and producing policy-relevant research.

Internship Description:

Summer interns at the School of International Relations have the opportunity to work in the research projects of our professors – which range from nuclear security to international development and Brazilian foreign policy. Interns will also have the opportunity to develop their own policy paper with guidance from one of our faculty. Alternatively, those with a particular interest in university management can take part in the planning and implementation of our internationalization efforts, intensive courses, executive education and the launch of the professional masters and other similar activities.

Keywords: Education; International Relations; Research; Public Policies

Escola Eleva // Education, Early Childhood & Technology

Escola Eleva

Field: Education, Early Childhood, Technology
Location: Rio de Janeiro - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred.

Escola Eleva is the flagship preK12 school brand of the Eleva Educacao educational group that currently operates 10 K12 brands in 6
states in Brazil. Escola Eleva is a bilingual school offering the IB diploma and offers an education based on pillars of global citizenship,
academic excellence and emotional intelligence.

Keywords: education, innovation, makerspace, teaching, mentorship, teaching.

Folha de S. Paulo // Journalism

Folha de S. Paulo

Field: Journalism
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Basic Portuguese preferred

Founded in 1921, Folha has been, since the 80's, the best-selling newspaper in the country among national dailies of general interest. The growth was based on the editorial principles of the Folha Project: pluralism, non-partisanship, critical journalism and independence. Organized in daily thematic sections and supplements, it has national circulation. It was the first communications vehicle in Brazil to adopt the role of ombudsman and to offer online content to its readers.

Keywords: Journalism; media; data journalism

Fundação Amazonas Sustentável // Public Policies, Engineering & Environment

Fundação Amazonas Sustentável


Field: Education, Early Childhood , Health, Environment, Social Entrepreneurship, Public Policies , Engineering, Forest Engineering, Gender Equality, Sustainable Development
Location: Amazonas - Northern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary or fluent Portuguese preferred
Preferred Student Field of Study: Sustainable development, objectives of sustainable development, environment

The Sustainable Amazonas Foundation (FAS) is a Brazilian nongovernmental organization, with no profitable motives, of state and federal public utility. It was created on December 20th, 2007 by means of a partnership between the Govern of the State of Amazonas and the Bradesco Bank. Afterwards, it started to count on the support of the Coca-Cola Company Brazil (2009), and Samsung (2010), among other partnerships in developed programs and projects. The mission of FAS is to promote the sustainable involvement, the environmental conservation and the incensement of the quality of life of the riverine communities of the State of Amazonas. The main initiatives are implemented by the Bolsa Floresta Program (PBF), Educação e SaUde Program (PES) and Soluções Inovadoras Program (PSI).

Keywords: sustainable development, objectives of sustainable development, environment, improvement of the quality of life of the traditional populations of the Amazon

Fundação Estudar // Education, Journalism, Social Entrepreneurship & Business

Fundação Estudar


Field: Education, Journalism, Social Entrepreneurship, Business, Third Sector
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred

Founded by Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Telles and Beto Sicupira in 1991, Fundação Estudar is a non-profit organization that invests in the development of high-potential young people who will transform Brazil through work in various sectors. In order to do so, Estudar offers a variety of programs, both open and selective, in three principal areas: Inspiration, Education, and Careers. Through these programs, we support young people in fully developing their individual potential, in their search for the best education in Brazil and abroad, and in accessing compelling career opportunities.

Internship Description:

As a Summer Intern at Fundação Estudar, you will be responsible for one of the organization’s strategic project. Our projects are in the areas of Education & Products, Marketing & Commercial, Community & Sourcing, and Operations. Summer Interns will be allocated based on their profiles and skills. All majors can apply. Portuguese language skills are desired but not required.

Keywords: Third-sector, NGO, Youth Empowerment, Education, Leadership, Excellence

Fundação Fernando Henrique Cardoso // Government & Research

Fundação Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Field: Government, Public Policies and Research
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Advanced Portuguese preferred
Preferred Student Field of Study: Human Sciences

The purpose of the foundation is twofold: foster public debate and the production and dissemination of knowledge about the challenges of development and democracy in Brazil, in its relations with the world. Besides that, it preserves and makes available to the public the archives of Ruth and Fernando Henrique Cardoso and other public figures linked to the couple, in order to contribute to the research and dissemination of knowledge about Brazilian history. To achieve its objectives, the foundation organizes exhibitions, educational events, cross-disciplinary debates, studies and publications.

Keywords: Democracy, Development, Social and Policial Innovation

IBM Research | Brazil // Research

IBM Research | Brazil


Field: Research
Location: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary.

IBM Research – Brazil was established in June 2010, with locations in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Developers, engineers, scientists and other experts at these Labs are dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and visual analytics, as well as Internet-of-things solutions and cloud services. Our research is particularly focused on applying these technical and scientific advancements to better manage natural resources such as oil and gas. We collaborate with leading organizations in a variety of industries -- from oil and gas to mining and agriculture -- as well as IBM experts from around the globe to create and deploy transformative technology solutions within our region and the world.

Internship Description:

IBM Research Internship Program aims to stimulate the professional development of students through practical research experiences in an industry environment, so that they acquire new knowledge and become qualified and differentiated professionals.

We will selecting trainees to work on innovative research projects with social, environmental and business impact in collaboration with researchers and developers, to implementation and evaluation of diverse systems.

Follow some projects description:

Project title: Enhanced Oil Recovery Science & Technology
Location: IBM Research - Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Major: Physics, Reservoir Engineering, Computer Science
Skills: Multi-scale modeling of flow in porous media; Image data analysis and processing

Project title: Paper-based Microfluidics for Agriculture
Location: IBM Research - Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Major: Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Skills: Computational Flow Simulation, Image data analysis and processing

Project Title: Anomaly detection in crop fields using satellite images
Place: IBM Research - Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Major: Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Statistics, Mathematics, Geography or related fields.
Skills: Familiarity with one or more of these topics: image processing, remote sensing, machine learning, statistics

Project Title: Data repository for datasets with point-wise uncertainty for data machine learning experiments.
Place: IBM Research – Brazil, Rio de Janeiro ou São Paulo
Major: Computer Science
Skills: Machine learning, Python and/or R

Project Title: Simulation of Flows in Porous Media applied to Energy and Environment
Place: IBM Research - Brazil, Hortolândia (Campinas)
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
Skills: Numerical analysis, PDE discretization, Finite Volume Method or Finite Element Method or Discontinuous Galerkin Method,
Python programming

Project Title: Automated Test Cases Generation based on Open API
Place: IBM Research - Brazil, Hortolândia (Campinas)
Major: Computer Science
Skills: Software Engineering; Software Testing; Python programming

Project Title: OpenWordnet-PT
Place: IBM Research - Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Major: Computer Science, Linguistics, Mathematics
Skills: web programming, functional programming

Project Title: SUMO for GeoScience
Place: IBM Research - Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Major: Computer Science, Mathematics
Skills: functional programming, logics

Project Title: Text Entailment
Place: IBM Research - Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Major: Computer Science, Mathematics, linguistics
Skills: functional programming, basic NLP, logic programming (Prolog)

Keywords: Research, natural resources, digital agriculture, AI, Inteligencia Artificial, cognitive computing, Nanotechnology, oil and gas

ICICT - Fundação Oswaldo Cruz // Technology, Health & Government

ICICT - Fundação Oswaldo Cruz


Field: Technology, Health, Government, Public Policies, Research
Location: Rio de Janeiro - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Basic or intermediary Portuguese necessary.

ICICT is the technical-scientific unit of FIOCRUZ that participates in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of public policies, develops strategies and performs actions of information and communication in science, technology and innovation in health, in order meet the social demands of the Unified Health System (SUS) and other governmental organizations.

Internship Description:

Contribute to the development of tools and data analysis in public health with a focus on data science and machine learning.
Collaborate with the development and strengthening of the Data Science Platform applied to Health of ICICT / FIOCRUZ.

Keywords: Public Health, Data Science, Machine Learning

Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada // Government, Public Policies & Research

Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada

Field: Government, Public Policies, Research
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary.

The Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea) is a public research institution that provides technical support to the federal government with regard to public policies: fiscal, social and economic. The division offering the position is responsible for studying Science, technology and innovation as well as several public policies on this matter.

Keywords: Applied economic research, Science and Technology, Innovation, Public policies

Instituto Fazendo História // Human Rights & Early Childhood

Instituto Fazendo História

Field: Human Rights, Early Childhood, and Children and Adolescents Living in Shelter
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred
Preferred Student Field of Study: Public Policy, Education, Sociology, Economics, Social Work
For more than ten years, Fazendo História (Making History) Institute has created opportunities to build relationships with children and adolescents in shelters based on respect, care and love by listening and creating new stories with them. The institute contributes in a way that those children and adolescents that had to be separated from their families can find, while under institutional care, a moment of affective reparation. The Institute is also a pioneer in foster care, in which children up to two years old that need temporary care are placed with families that are carefully selected, trained and supervised.
The Institute is particularly interested in hosting an intern who could research and help apply for international grants as well as create a benchmark study based on similar institutions around the world in order to establish and exchange best practices. 

Keywords: Children and adolescents; volunteer; shelter; foster family; orphanage

Instituto Igarapé // Research, Justice & Security

Instituto Igarapé

Field: Human Rights, Technology, Urban Planning, Public Policies, Research, Justice and Security, Security and Conflict Prevention, Migration and Refuge, Climate Change
Location: Rio de Janeiro - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Basic or Intermediary Portuguese preferred

The Igarapé Institute is an independent think and do tank devoted to evidence-based policy and action on complex security, justice and development challenges in Brazil, Latin America, and Africa. The Institute’s goal is to stimulate debate, foster connections and trigger action. Based in the South, the Igarapé Institute undertakes diagnostics, generates awareness, and co-designs solutions with public and private partners, often with the use of new technologies. Key areas of focus include (i) drug policy, (ii) citizen security, (iii) building peace, (iv) safer cities and (v) cyber security.

Keywords: Think and do tank; Citizen Security; Safer Cities; Smart Cities; Justice; Women; Peace; Drug Policy; Innovation; Cybersecurity; Data Analisys; Machine Learning

Instituto República // Government, Public Policies & Business

Instituto República

Field: Social Entrepreneurship, Government, Public Policies and Business
Location: Rio de Janeiro - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Basic Portuguese preferred

Instituto República is a non-partisan and non-corporate NGO, that seeks to use evidence to train, empower, network, and boost public servants and people who collaborate with governments in Brazil.

Keywords: Train, empower, network, and boost public servants

Kidopi Soluções em Informática // Technology, Health & Social Entrepreneurship

Kidopi Soluções em Informática

Field: Technology, Health, Social Entrepreneurship
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary.

Kidopi focuses on the development of computational solutions with a high degree of innovation. We work on software development using Data Science, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for communication with users and automatic understanding of natural language. Among Kidopi's main solutions, we can mention HealthBI, a Data Science system for data analysis and evaluation, and CleverCare, elected by the UN as one of the 5 best health software in the world, in 2015, at the World Summit Award. CleverCare is an extra-hospital follow-up framework that allows natural language dialogues on different channels. CleverCare is used by clients of national relevance such as Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, in different scenarios, such care of frail elderly, liver transplant patients, dehospitalization, and diabetes, among others.

Internship Description:

The main goal of the internship will be to prepare and allow the student to have an experience with the machine learning area associated with natural language processing, providing a unique and applied experience to this area of knowledge, especially in health related applications. The company will provide support and, through its know-how, will assist the student throughout the internship, providing theoretical and practical knowledge. The proposal involves the study and application of algorithms of machine learning and natural language processing for the solution of health problems. For this, the current state of the art will be evaluated for the selection of algorithms with the potential to improve the accuracy and processing time of CleverCare's current natural language processing module. After this selection the necessary adaptations will be made, as well as their integration with CleverCare. Another option of the internship is focus in the creation of the health contents.

Keywords: Health; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing; Startup; Technology; Social Impact

Maria Farinha Filmes // Art, Culture & Cinema

Maria Farinha Filmes


Field: Art, Culture and Cinema
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Basic Portuguese preferred

We believe that a well-told story can make a difference in how people see the world. Whether with fiction, documentaries, series and other media, Maria Farinha Filmes exists to tell life changing and inspiring stories to promote transformation. Based on this model, in 2013, Maria Farinha Filmes became the first production and distribution company in Latin America to receive the international BCorporation certification, offered to companies that use their business power to create solutions for the world’s social and environmental issues.

Keywords: Social entertainment; documentaries; global issues

MAYA Capital // Venture Capital

MAYA Capital

Field: Venture Capital
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Basic Portuguese preferred

MAYA Capital is a new VC focused on investing in early stage ventures generating accessibility, transformation and efficiency in Brazil and Latin America. We seek exceptional teams, solving big problems and leverage our best-in-class network of advisors to ensure their success. Our big dream is to empower entrepreneurs and thereby guarantee a better future for Latin America!

Internship Description:

Though we invest in start ups, we also consider ourselves one. So we need help with a couple of things:

  1. Managing our extensive pipeline of deal flow, to make sure we adequately analyze each opportunity;
  2. Mapping out the Latin American startup ecosystem to see where we can be most active;
  3. Understanding the needs of entrepreneurs so we can add more value.

At MAYA interns will be an integral part of the team, participating in partner meetings and important investment processes and decisions. We believe in empowering exceptional people through culture and autonomy and this goes for our investees as much as it does for our interns.

Keywords: Venture Capital, Start Ups, Early Stage Investing, Accessibility, Transformation, Efficiency, Entrepreneurship.

Moradigna // Health, Social Entrepreneurship & Education


Field: Health, Social Entrepreneurship and Education
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Fluent Portuguese preferred

Moradigna is a social business seeking to change and improve the lives of millions of Brazilians who currently live in unhealthy conditions. Our work has already impacted and transformed the lives of hundreds of people and has given them a much better quality of life. We, from Moradigna, not only offer the opportunity of having a beautiful home, but most especially the chance of having a healthy environment, free from diseases that mold, moisture and other factors may cause.

Keywords: Social Business, Health, Rebuild, Quality of Life, Workforce and Construction

Museu de Arte de São Paulo // Art & Culture

Museu de Arte de São Paulo

Field: Art and Culture
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary

Mission: MASP, a diverse, inclusive and plural museum, has the mission of establishing, in a critical and creative way, dialogues between past and present, cultures and territories, from the perspective of the visual arts. The Museum must expand, preserve, research and disseminate its collection, as well as promote the encounter between public and art through transformative and welcoming experiences.

History: Founded in 1947 by businessman Assis Chateaubriand, MASP is a self-governed, non-profit, private institution devoted to the arts. Located in the heart of São Paulo, at Paulista Avenue, MASP’s iconic building was designed by Lina Bo Bardi and it is an architectural landmark of the city. Today, MASP has the most important a collection of Western Art in the Southern Hemisphere. The Museum is a symbol of private entrepreneurship and commitment to the arts. MASP’s collection houses more than 10,000 works from a wide range of periods, encompassing art from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas

Keywords: Art Museum

Nexo Jornal // Journalism, Design & Business

Nexo Jornal

Field: Journalism, Design and Business
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred
Preferred Student Field of Study: Design, Negócios, Tecnologia, Social Media

Nexo is a Brazilian digital media outlet with an editorial model that proposes the presentation of contextualized news. We value the access of a wide and diversified audience to a plural, explanatory and effectively rich material, which can collaborate to opinion shaping and the qualification of the public debate. To prepare the content published by the newspaper, we largely rely on the researches of academic institutions and organizations recognized as references in their specific areas, as well as in interviews with experts. In a few months, we have achieved considerable relevance in the national debate, and recognition from teaching and research institutions as a legitimate and plural space for the dissemination of information. This appreciation enabled the establishment of partnerships, enriching even more our content production.

Keywords: Contextual journalism; ux design; digital newspaper; infographics; technology; social media

Oxfam Brasil // Public Policies, Social Activism & Research

Oxfam Brasil

Field: Public Policies, Social Activism and Research
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary, advanced or fluent Portuguese preferred

Oxfam Brasil is a Brazilian NGO, part of the Oxfam Confederation composed by 20 affiliates and working in 90 countries across the globe. In Brazil, our mission is to reduce poverty and inequality in all its dimensions. among which economic, racial and gender based disparities. We do that by promoting active citizenship, conducting research on related issues and working with allies and partners in programmes and campaigns.

Keywords: Inequality; poverty; race; gender; youth; discrimination; urban; private sector

Peripécia Filmes Produção e Comunicação Audiovisual // Cinema

Peripécia Filmes Produção e Comunicação Audiovisual

Field: Human Rights, Education, Technology, Journalism, Environment, Art and Culture, Cinema and Research
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred

Peripécia Filmes is a production company founded in 2010, that has been focusing in non-fiction production. Its themes range from science and technology communication to topics of Brazilian history and culture such as literature, theater, music and urbanism. The company's challenge is to use the audiovisual language in a creative way to handle with accuracy and inventiveness these diverse subjects.

Keywords: Documentary; Video; Production Company; Science; Communication; Brazilian History; Brazilian Culture; Higher Education

PoaTek IT Consulting // Technology

PoaTek IT Consulting

Field: Technology
Location: Porto Alegre - Southern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary
Preferred Student Field of Study: Computer Science; Computer Engineering

PoaTek is a growing boutique of IT Consulting based in Brazil’s tech hub, focused on building critical applications for international clients, especially from the financial market. Our focus on collaboration, culture and behavior enables us to produce innovative projects that drive our clients’ success, no matter if it’s a sudden emergency or a long-planned, long term project. Born out of an innovative idea, the company provides a relaxed environment and a chance for professionals to grow in a technical career through challenging projects.

Keywords: Software Development; Mobile App Development; Data Science; Quality Assurance

Sinal do Vale // Education, Health, Environment, Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

Sinal do Vale

Field: Education, Health, Environment, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability
Location: Rio de Janeiro - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary, basic Portuguese preferred.
Preferred Student Field of Study: Environmental Science, Communications

Sinal do Vale is a center for the regeneration of ecosystems, communities, and individuals. We inspire relationships and learning experiences through our projects, hospitality services, and educational programs. Our campus is located 50 km from downtown Rio de Janeiro in the buffer zone between the urban sprawl of Rio and some of the last remaining protected areas of the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlantica).

We prototype solutions to regenerate food systems, forests, soil, and communities. We also host events, conferences, and retreats for organizations who also believe that the places in which we meet affect the quality and impact of our conversations.

Internship Description:

We offer interns the opportunity to be immersed in a variety of projects related to sustainability - including reforestation, organic agriculture, waste management in the community, environmental education and social entrepreneurship. Depending on the abilities of the students, they can support our work through project writing, communications and social media, monitoring our sustainability initiatives, and helping building international partnerships. All interns can get their hands dirty by working in the gardens, planting trees, learning about bio-construction, food processing fruits of the forest, among other daily tasks.

Keywords: Sustainability

Tá.Na.Hora // Technology and Public Health


Field: Technology, Public Health, Early Childhood
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred

We are a digital healthcare company focused on educating and monitoring under-served populations in Brazil using cellular phones, with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes at scale and lower cost. Our technology is a chatbot AI that sends SMS text messages with engaging and relevant healthcare information, monitors user's health via automated conversations, and then notifies healthcare providers in case of problems via na online platform. Our health programs are built around three major areas: i) chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease), ii) maternity (pregnancy and early childhood), and iii) general wellness (stress, nutrition, exercise). We sell these programs/services to both Private and Public sector. Our clients are municipal health systems, regional health plans, and large companies -- all with a focus on middle and lower-income populations. We've won grants and awards from Google.Org and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Now we're ready to scale up and looking for funding outside of Brazil.

Keywords: Health; Startup; Mobile; Technology; Social Impact

Udacity // Education, Technology & Business


Field: Education, Technology and Business
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary, basic or no Portuguese

Udacity began as an experiment in online learning, when Stanford instructors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig elected to offer their "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" course online to anyone, for free. Over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries enrolled. The potential to educate at a global scale was awe-inspiring, and Udacity was founded to pursue a mission to democratize education. It would take several years of intensive iteration and experimentation to clarify our focus on career advancement through mastery of in-demand skills, but today, Udacity proudly offers aspiring learners across the globe the opportunity to participate in— and contribute to—some of the most exciting and innovative fields in the world.

Keywords: Education; International Relations; Research; Public Policies

Universia Brasil // Human Rights & Education

Universia Brasil

Field: Human Rights, Education
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred

Universia is a Santander Group company that helps young university students in their academic, professional and entrepreneurial
journey. We offer content, help with the first job and give inputs to entrepreneurs.

Internship Description

  • analysis of indicators
  • candidate selection
  • construction of presentations
  • help with communication with candidates in some Programs

Keywords: education, first job, internship, entrepreneur, innovation

Wireless Technology Laboratory - Unicamp // Education, Research & Engineering

Wireless Technology Laboratory - Unicamp

Field: Education, Research, Engineering
Location: São Paulo - Southeastern Brazil
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred
Preferred Student Field of Study: Electrical or Computer Engineering

The Wireless Technology Laboratory (WissTek) is a university lab, whose activities are focused on a wide range of aspects related to wireless communications. It was formally established in 2001 as a research laboratory, under the coordination of Prof. Michel Daoud Yacoub, although its activities date back to the mid 1980's. WissTek, therefore, pioneered the research activities in wireless communications in Brazil. This pioneering competence allowed WissTek to quickly establish cooperation with cellular operating companies, research labs, and industries. Several Ph.D. theses, M.Sc. dissertations, books, papers, and software tools have been produced as a result of the activities within the WissTek throughout these years. Its ex-graduate students occupy university positions as professors or industry positions worldwide. Its books appear as textbooks or references in a number of wireless communications courses worldwide. Some of the techniques developed within WissTek have been implemented in software planning tools.

Internship Description:

The student will be most likely involved in research activities that try to incorporate machine-learning concepts and techniques into the design of communications systems.

Keywords: wireless channel modeling and simulation, radar systems, wireless communications networks

Yunus Social Business Brazil // Social Entrepreneurship

Yunus Social Business Brazil

Field: Social Entrepreneurship
Location: Rua Madalena, 243 - Bairro Vila Madalena - São Paulo / SP
Portuguese Level: Basic Portuguese preferred, no Portuguese necessary.

Yunus Social Business Brasil aims to develop social businesses in our country throughout an investment fund and a social business accelerator. YSB also works with big companies, governments and foundations in order to promote and scale impact through social innovation.

Yunus Social Business Brasil is the Brazilian unit connected to the global company Yunus Social Business Global Initiatives

Keywords: Social Business; Investment Fund; Accelerator; Innovation.

Travel to Brazil Outside of Summer Internship Program:
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