Harvard’s DRCLAS Brazil team supports a range of student programs (January, June-August, and term-time), all of which put a premium on immersion experiences. We seek to lower barriers to substantive engagement in Brazil through short-term January programs that have a 1:1 ratio of Harvard and local participants and by working with Brazilian universities to complement Harvard’s strong term-time Portuguese language offerings in Cambridge and Boston. Each program serves as a tool in building the trust, patience, relationships and commitment required to sustain longer-term international collaborations at all levels.

Harvard-DRCLAS Brazil Office Programs in Brazil

Travel Resources


Students may find useful to learn more about networks of people connected to Harvard University DRCLAS Brazil Office.

If you are a Harvard student interested in summer, January, term-time or other student engagement opportunities in Brazil, please e-mail or call at +55 (11) 3549-9590.

Travel to Brazil Outside a Program:
We encourage all Harvard students, researchers and professors traveling to Brazil separate from a specific program to inform us of your plans so that we can help connect you to people and events that might make your time in the country more enjoyable and productive.

If you are a Brazilian student interested in applying to Harvard University, please visit the appropriate Admissions Office