Teachers and Teaching

Teachers play a fundamental role in education and are therefore of critical importance to society. In 2016, the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies began promoting collaborative projects on topics related to teachers and teaching in Brazil, some of which are available for streaming and download below.

Como transformar a carreira do professor no Brasil? (featuring Professor Katherine Merseth)

Conectando os pontos para construir o ensino e aprendizado do futuro (by Professor Fernado Reimers and colleagues)
English version (Connecting the Dots to Build the Future of Teaching and Learning)

Interviews with Professor Katherine Merseth:
Estadão Blog Ana Maria Diniz
Entrevista Folha de São Paulo
Entrevista Veja
Canal Futura: Olho na Escola

Ongoing Projects:
Case Studies for Teacher Education, led by Professor Katherine Merseth and Instituto Península.

Case Writing group
May 2017: Participants of Case Studies for Teacher Education workshop, hosted by Instituto Singularidades

This project was inspired by a collaboration between Professor Katherine Merseth and the DRCLAS Regional Office, which resulted in the publication Confronting Challenges: Case Studies in Education (available in English and in Spanish).