Faculty Research

Fostering collaborative, faculty-led research on topics related to early childhood development is a major priority of the initiative. The Brazil Office is pleased to have helped support the following research projects in recent years:

Social and Emotional Development of Preschoolers: Assessing the Compasso Program in São Mateus and Petrópolis
Faculty: Dana McCoy (HGSE), Vladimir Pinheiro Ponczek (FGV), Cristine Campos Pinto (FGV)

The Effects over Early Brain Development of a Nurse Home Visitation Program for Pregnant Youth and their Families Living in a Poor Urban Area in São Paulo, Brazil
Faculty: Charles Nelson (HMS, HGSE, HSPH), Guilherme Polanczyk (FMUSP), Eurípedes Miguel (FMUSP), Bacy Fleitlich-Bilyk (FMUSP), Anna Chiesa (EEUSP), Naercio Menezes Filho (INSPER), Lislaine Aparecida Fracolli (EEUSP), Alexandre Archanjo Ferraro (FMUSP), Kette Valente (FMUSP)

Disease Burden and Early Childhood Development: A Birth Cohort Study in the Brazilian Amazon
Faculty: Marcia Castro (HSPH), Dyann Wirth (HSPH), Wafaie Fawzi (HSPH), Marcelo Urbano (USP), Marly Cardoso (FSPUSP), Claudio Romero Marinho (USP)

Early Life Adversity and Child Development: Evidence from the Western Region Project in São Paulo, Brazil
Faculty: Günther Fink (HSPH), Cindy Liu (HMS), Alexandra Brentani (FMUSP), Sandra Grisi (FMUSP)

Executive Functions and Early Cognitive Development of Low-Income Children in Salvador-Bahia, Brazil
Faculty: Charles Nelson (HMS, HGSE, HSPH), Gigi Luk (HGSE), Rita Lucena (UFBA)

Musical, Language, and Reading Abilities in Early Portuguese Readers
Faculty: Nadine Gaab (HMS, HGSE), Paulo Andrade (Colégio Criativo), Olga Andrade (Colégio Criativo)

Pai no Parto in Fortaleza, Brazil
Faculty: Arlene Katz (HMS), Ana Cristina Lindsay (HSPH), Marilyn Nations (UNIFOR)

Numbers and Counting in Indigenous Communities in Brazil
Faculty: Jesse Snedeker (FAS), Elizabeth Spelke (FAS), Gennaro Chierchia (FAS), Suzi Lima (UFRJ)