Faculty Advisors

A vibrant University-wide community of scholars helps us pursue our mission of increasing the knowledge and study of Brazil through research, teaching, enhanced language training, faculty and student travel, conferences and seminars, publishing about Brazil, and so on. Ongoing interaction with individual Faculty Advisors allows us to identify and support existing projects and opportunities, playing a key role in our efforts to link Harvard faculty and students with very best Brazilian faculty and students across disciplines.

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Brazil Office Advisory Group

The Brazil Office Advisory Group is comprised of senior leaders from across disciplines and sectors with a demonstrated commitment to education. They are stewards of increasingly strong ties between Harvard and Brazil and provide vision, advice and support of the Brazil Office and its initiatives.

Ana Paula Martinez
Claudio Haddad, chair
Elisa Pereira Reis
Flavia Buarque de Almeida
Guilherme Leal
João Fernando Gomes de Oliveira
João José Reis
Jorge Paulo Lemann
José Olympio da Veiga Pereira
Martín E. Escobari
Paula Louzano
Philip Yang
Wolff Klabin

Brazil Team

Brazil Studies Program

Brazil Office
(São Paulo)

(São Paulo)

Frances Hagopian
Faculty Co-Chair

Helena Monteiro
Executive Director

Priscilla Zogbi
HBS Director

Scott Mainwaring
Faculty Co-Chair

Manoel Pereira Neto
Associate Director

Ruth Costas
HBS Senior Researcher

Juliana Deleo
Program Manager

Tim Linden
Program Manager

Vanise Andreasi
HBS Office Manager


Marina de Moura
Senior Administrative Coordinator



Breno Carvalho
Communications and Outreach Coordinator



Tiago Genoveze
Program Coordinator



Larissa Leal
Intern, Programs



Níkolas Bánkuti
Intern, Communications



Gilmar Cintra da Silva
Web Developer



Leonardo Daneu Lopes
Intern, IT


  Jasmine Fernandez (College '16)
Post-Graduate Fellow