David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS)

The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies promotes teaching and research about Latin America at Harvard University. The Center was founded in 1994 to fill a growing need for innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of Latin American politics and culture. Today, as one of Harvard's most established inter-faculty initiatives, the Center draws intellectual resources from throughout the University and from a global community of scholars.

DRCLAS supports Harvard students and Harvard faculty engaged in a broad range of disciplines of Latin American studies by offering grants and a variety of other services. The Center also organizes activities at Harvard relating to the region by sponsoring events and a number of academic conferences. In addition, it serves as a clearing house for information on Latin America-related events and scholarship in the greater New England region. Through a variety of publications, initiatives, and events, DRCLAS fulfills its mission of promoting scholarship, strengthening ties between Harvard and institutions in the region, and enhancing public understanding of Latin America in the United States and abroad.

Brazil Studies Program and Brazil Office

The mission of the Brazil Studies Program in Cambridge and the Brazil Office in São Paulo is to enhance collaborative research among Harvard faculty and their Brazilian counterparts; encourage faculty engagement with Brazil and student participation in language programs, internships and research projects in Brazil; and provide a hospitable environment for Brazilians at Harvard and for Harvard scholars in Brazil.

The Brazil Studies Program consists of the joint efforts of Harvard University faculty members from diverse disciplines, Harvard students, Brazilian institutions, and the local Brazilian community. Support from an endowment established by Jorge Paulo Lemann (AB '61) enables the Brazil Studies Program to convene experts from the United States and abroad to expand and diversify research and teaching on Brazil at Harvard University. The program coordinates Brazil-related activities at DRCLAS and works in close coordination with the Brazil Office.

How can I learn more about Harvard University?

The Harvard University Fact Book, published by the Office of Institutional Research, is an excellent resource providing an introduction to the University, as well as its research and teaching activities.

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