Student Participants

FMUSP Students at Harvard in 2015

We are thrilled to welcome a new, talented group of students from the Universidade de São Paulo Medical School (FMUSP) in 2015. This group was selected for one-year research experiences in laboratories in the Harvard medical area. For additional details on the 12 students who are spending time at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School (HMS), please view their biographies below.

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Alberto Codima

Augusto Quaresma Coelho

Caroline Cirenza

Fernanda Justo

Henrique Fuller

Julia Campos

Marcela Malheiro dos Santos

Mauricio Ricardo Moreira da Silva Filho

Mauro Xavier Neto

Priscila Queiroz

Rodrigo Watanabe

Sylvia Regina Quintanilha Rodrigues